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The liquid flavors for electronic cigarettes produced by Lop Liquids, in addition to being included in the food category, comply with the requirements of regulation C.E.1334 / 08.The base liquid in which the aromas and nicotine are added, where present, is always produced by Lop Liquids, using pharmaceutical grade substances including:Propylene Glycol [CAS 57-55-6]Vegetable Glycerine [CAS 56-81-5]Deionized waterNicotine (if present) [CAS 54-11-5]The undoubted and now historical quality of the aroma used Lop Liquids d.o.o. allows you to create liquids for electronic cigarettes directly at your home, mixing it with the appropriate Lop Liquids ready bases. The recommended mix size is between 5% and 10% of the entire volume of liquid. The aromas, moreover, can be combined with each other to experiment with new flavors.


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