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definitions Seller:


Hard CLOUD Malta

G.G.L. Limited

365 Zabbar Road Fgura -MALTA-




The customer who places an order via the website, by phone or by email.




Goods means the articles that the Buyer agrees to purchase from Seller.




Contract means the contract between the seller and the buyer for the sale and purchase of goods.


For Terms and Conditions means the terms and conditions of sale set out in this agreement and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by the Seller.




These terms and conditions apply to all contracts for the sale of goods by the Seller to the Buyer and shall prevail over any other documentation or communication from the Buyer.

Acceptance of delivery of goods is evidence of Buyer's acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Any variation of these terms and conditions (including any special terms and conditions agreed between the parties) shall not apply unless agreed in writing by the Seller.

Any complaints should be addressed to the Seller.




All goods orders are deemed offer by Buyer to purchase goods pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, and are objects to acceptance by the Seller.

Seller may choose not to accept an order for any reason.

In the event that the goods ordered by the buyer is not available in stock the Buyer will be notified and will be given the option to wait until the arrival of products in stock or cancel the order and receive a full refund within 30 days.


Price and Payment


The price of the asset is reported on the website.

On the Welcome page, before you log in to the restricted area, the price is to the public (excluding VAT), in the section traders the price is excluding VAT, in both cases does not include shipping.

The purchase price, including VAT and delivery charges, will be displayed in the Buyer's shopping cart prior to confirming the order.

Once your order has been received the Seller shall confirm by e-mail:


  • order confirmation
  • confirmation of payment
  • shipment confirmation with your invoice



All orders with payment confirmed before 09:30 will be shipped the same day.


We use the TNT courier and delivery times are as follows:

  • 12 hours throughout Malta
  • 24 hours for Italy
  • 48 hours to the regions: Sardinia, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily


Right of the Seller


The company reserves the right to periodically update prices on the website.

The Seller will take care to guarantee prices when the Buyer places an order.

The company reserves the right to withdraw any goods from the Website at any time.

The Seller is not liable to anyone for the withdrawal of goods from the Website or for refusing to process an order.


Right of withdrawal


Sales via the Internet are governed by Decree Law no. 185 of 22/05/1999, which regulates the matter of distance contracts, that is carried away from business premises.

This legislation establishes the right of withdrawal, ie the possibility for the buyer to return the product purchased and the reimbursement of expenses incurred.

This right is reserved solely to natural persons final consumers, so it can not be exercised by legal persons and natural persons acting for purposes relating to their professional activity.

The law sets a deadline for the return of 10 days from receipt of goods. The only expenses to cargo, are those of shipping the product.


In case of withdrawal, we kindly ask you to follow these procedures:


send an email to info@hardvapingmalta.eu​ by entering the order number, the sales invoice or cash receipt, a contact number and the reason for the withdrawal.

The product, the packaging and the contents of the box are returned as new, undamaged and with all accessories.

The product must not have been used but only watched If the product is not returned within the previous points, it will be reimbursed according to the conditions of wear on the product, the packaging and the contents of the box.

Both postage that return are your responsibility.

warranty All our products are guaranteed 6 months (unless otherwise indicated) and must be shipped ex warehouse.

The returns must be shipped in their original packaging and must be authorized by our sales department, who will issue an authorization number to return.

If the product is no longer available in stock, it will be refunded within 30 days of receipt of the goods.

Replacing instead will take place within 10 days from the date of return of the merchandise and the shipping costs to the customer are free. We do not accept parcels on delivery, parcels carriage forward, by registered mail or goods without original packaging.

Warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse of the product or products where it has been tampered with or removed the warranty seal. Warranty does not cover wear materials.

To be able to use her guarantee on the goods purchased, it should retain the sales invoice or receipt that will be emailed to each order.

Privacy protection The personal information requested under the order are collected and processed to meet the expressed requirements of the buyer and will not under any circumstances and no license to third parties.

G.G.L. Limited, guarantees its customers the respect of rules on the processing of personal data covered by the Privacy Code under LD 196, 30.06.03.

Statement Cookies and Session Variables Privacy policy of operation of Cookies - Art. 13 Code of privacy Here we inform you in a transparent way on the operation of this web site (the "Site") regarding Cookies and Session Variables. Definition of "cookies" Cookies are small text files sent from the Site to the interested web browser, where they are stored before being forwarded on to the next site visit by the same user.

A cookie can not retrieve any other data from your hard drive nor transmit computer viruses or capture email addresses.

Each cookie and 'unique to the user's web browser.

Purposes of the processing and the technical session Cookies purposes Cookies used on the Website are intended to store specific technical information about the users who access the site, such as the history of their purchases, shipping preferences through the pages of the Site, etc. Through cookies used on the Site do not sensitive user data is stored, or otherwise data that could bring the user.

On-site technical operational Cookies are necessary to navigate the site as to perform essential functions such as authentication, validation, management of a shipping and fraud prevention session and allow for example: to identify if the user had proper access to areas Site that require prior user authentication or validation and session management for the various services and applications or storing data for access in safe mode, or the functions of control and fraud prevention.

According to Article 122, paragraph 1, of the Privacy Code (in the wording in force following the entry into force of d.lgs.69 / 2012) Cookies "technical" can be used even in the absence of consent. By the way, the same European body bringing together all the Guarantor Authority for the privacy of the various Member States (the so-called "Article 29" group) made it clear in Opinion 4/2012 (WP194) entitled "Exemption from the consent for use Cookies "Cookies are that for which it is not necessary to obtain the prior informed consent and user:

1) Cookies filled with user data (session identifier), the duration of a session or persistent cookies only for certain hours in some cases;

2) Cookies for authentication, used for the purposes of authenticated services, the duration of a session;

3) of focused security Cookies on users, used to identify authentication abuse, persistent for a limited duration;

4) Cookies session for media players, such as cookies to "flash" readers, the duration of a session;

5) Session cookies for load balancing, the duration of a session;

6) Persistent Cookies for customizing the user interface, the duration of a session (or so);

7) Cookies for sharing content via social plugins of third parties, members of a social network who have logged on.

Definition of "Session Variable" Variables Session (or respect to newly Server) is information stored on the server hosting the site and allow you to keep information related to the user visiting the site.

The session variables are created when accessing the site and are permanently eliminated against the closure of the site.

Unlike cookies, this information is not managed by the web browser of the visitor and are not stored locally.

Their purpose is to facilitate the visitor in authentication operations, purchasing and shipping, storing some technical choices made by the same visitor, simplifying the transfer of information between the various pages of the website. In this vein, some operations on the Site could not be accomplished without the use of Cookies and Session Variables, that in such cases are therefore technically necessary.

By way of example, access to restricted areas of the Site and the activities that can be carried out there would be much more complex to perform and less secure without the presence of Cookies and Session variables that allow you to identify the user and maintain its' identification in the session.

For these reasons, the proper working of the Site is warranted only dell'abilitazione front of cookies. Enabling Cookies happens in your web browser settings, usually in the Privacy tab.

Changes to the Terms The Seller has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time but this right shall not affect the conditions and existing methods accepted by the Purchaser at the time of purchase.

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